Zunar selected by FIDH to provide sketch for Human Rights issue

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Zunar is among 18 cartoonists around the globe being selected by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) to provide sketches to illustrate their annual report oh human rights.

In the report titled, “2013: Actions and Impacts”, Zunar picked Myanmar as a subject.

Please view the online report here



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  1. Tahniah, wa tabek lu beb.. Well done. Carry on the good work BUT don’t let a day pass without shooting down NajiBoros and his Rosipuff spouse.
    The Rakyat MUSt never forget these two excesses till they are driven out of Seri Perdana & Putrajaya like YESTERDAY!
    BTW `THE WOLF OF WALL STREET’ didn’t win a thing at the Oscars!
    And up the ante on the Menteri Pendidikan I & II on PBS and the Rm (20 + 270) juta WASte. Fancy Hindian sounding Henglish?


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