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Ros in Kangkong Land


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“ROS in Kangkong Land.”

Before this, seven titles of my book were banned by the government on the grounds that the contents are “detrimental to public order”, while other books, “Cartoon-O-Phobia” and “Conspiracy to Imprison Anwar” were being investigated under the Sedition Act. I am still on a five-year battle with the government of Malaysia over the banning of two of my books, “1 Funny Malaysia” and “Perak Darul Kartun”, and the matter is now in the hands of the Federal Court.

Meanwhile, more than 1,000 copies of several titles have been confiscated in three separate raids to my office.

My previous book, “Pirates of Carry-BN” has been accepted into the collections of The Library of Congress – one of the largest and oldest libraries in the world.

Even though “ROS in Kangkong Land” (RIKL) is a collection of my cartoons on the internet, but it focuses more on one character – Ros, i.e the wife of the Prime Minister. Why I choose her? Because, it is an open secret that she is more dominant and more powerful than the Prime Minister himself.

Cartoon wise, I am very impressed with her. She provides ideas for me and she is very cartoonable. Each time she opens her mouth, I get an idea. So much so, this book is specially dedicated to her. And I will present her an autographed copy to show my gratitude.

I cannot survive as a cartoonist if I depend on her husband alone.

Besides that, RIKL also features more than 140 cartoons that touch current issues such as the murder of Altantuya, The Sedition Act, Shopping and Golfing by the PM and wife, Conspiracy on Anwar, GST, Petrol hike, Toll, political, etc.

I hope my fans and supporters can support me by purchasing this book since all of my books including RIKL will not be able to be sold in any bookstore due to huge pressure from the government. Buying the book not only helps me financially, but also helps to spread the message to more people.

It is billingual (English and Bahasa Melayu) and priced at RM25 each.



“ROS in Kangkong Land.”

Sebelum ini, tujuh judul buku saya diharamkan oleh kerajaan kerana kandungannya “mengancam ketenteraman awam” manakala buku lain “Cartoon-O-Phobia” dan “Conspiracy to Imprison Anwar” disiasat di bawah Akta Hasutan. Saya masih bergelut selama lima tahun mencabar kerajaan kerana mengharamkan buku-buku saya “1 Funny Malaysia” and “Perak Darul Kartun”, dan ia sekarang dibicarakan di Mahkamah Persekutuan.

Manakala, lebih 1000 buah buku-buku kartun saya dengan judul yang berbeza telah dirampas dalam tiga serbuan berasingan ke pejabat saya.

Salah satu buku sebelum ini, “Pirates of Carry-BN” telah diterima sebagai sebuah koleksi The Library of Congress di Washington – salah sebuah perpustakaan yang terbesar dan tertua di dunia.

Walau pun “ROS in Kangkong Land” (RIKL) adalah koleksi karya-karya saya dalam internet, tetapi ia lebih memfokus kepada satu watak utama, Ros iaitu isteri kepada Perdana Menteri. Kenapa watak ini dipilih? Sebab telah menjadi rahsia umum bahawa beliau lebih dominan dan berkuasa dari Perdana Menteri sendiri!

Secara kartun, saya sangat kagum dengan dia. Dia menyediakan ilham-ilham kepada saya dan dia mudah dikartunkan. Sehinggakan buku ini didedikasikan kepada dia. Saya akan memberi hadiah sebuah buku ini dengan otograf kepada dia sebagai tanda penghargaan.

Saya tak dapat menjadi kartunis yang baik kalau bergantuhg kepada suaminya saja.

Di samping itu, RIKL juga menampilkan lebih 140 kartun-kartun yang menyentuh isu penting seperti pembunuhan Altantuya, Akta Hasutan, tabiat shpping dan bermain golf oleh Perdana Menteri serta isteri, Konspirasi terhadap Anwar, GST, harga Petrol, Tol, isu politik dll.

Saya berharap peminat dan penyokong dapat memberi sokongan kepada saya dengan membeli buku ini kerana ia tidak dapat dijual di kedai kerana tekanan besar oleh kerajaan. Pembelian buku ini bukan saja membantu kewangan saya, tetapi juga membantu menyebarkan mesej kepada lebih ramai orang.

Ia adalah dalam dwibahasa (English dan Melayu) dan berharga RM25 senaskah.


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