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  1. Selamat berjuang.. You have done the plane, the Bikrkins, kasut Ferra/Prada kot and rings. Please2 do Deepak’s (now disappeared from radar) $19 illion jewelery, the Dubai Burj Khalifa 2 nites stay w the kapla load of all those 5men’s wives. Also instead of word English, Melayu or Jawikan. Orang ulu kg mungkin masih ade buta huruf!
    There’s the aussie designer $ 600+k haute couture. and if you like `pinjam’ Dinturtle plane fuel equation = berapa ton or value subsid [email protected] gula (34 sen cost/kg).
    We can rquate with RON 95/97 savings on the plane gas of 15mil = 160 mil of 2012. And NajiboRos ‘s 2013 wingings..
    Bless you adik, Wassalam


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