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  1. Wah, maybe must put her in different baju and RINGs and pearls! BTW, you missed out the MY’s Menteri Pelajaran chair, adik.
    Panjangkan meja aje dan masukkan Permata under her ketiak or her baju!
    Might be good idea to do the phone cal to Suzanne Mubarak and the Saudi King Abdullah!
    Blast also Najib’s story about no-one NOT knowing about these two `budi/jasa’ it came out in all MSM front-pages back in 2010 on the student Ibrahim Azmi.
    Still does not merit spending RM (470k fuel + 400k hotels) belum kira Azalina and the 5Menteris wifeys stay and shopping. she is trying to equal anak Tain Mahmud duda Shanaz spending. Nak kena tibai till she and Najiboros get booted out, like yesterday!
    Especially in the `Heat’ and Astro `show cause and retraction’ matter!
    Phone call from PMO (must be she personally).


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