Sirul Siros

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Datuk Nazak & Antutuya v2

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Manifesto Pakatan Rakyat

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Zunar’s Talk in Oxford

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(Eng & BM) Zunar’s Statement: Killing of Hebdo’s Cartoonists

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English I condemn the killing Hebdo's cartoonists, 7th January should be declared as "World Cartoonist? Day" I STRONGLY condemn the killing of four cartoonists from the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine. Act of vio...

(BM & ENG) Zunar’s statement: A letter of demand to MolPay

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A letter of demand to MolPay to show proof that they did not disclose details of my customers to the police A LETTER of demand was served to MolPay Sdn. Bhd. on 23 December 2014 demanding explanation whether or not ...


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Sebuah NGO yang berpangkalan di Washington, Rangkaian Hak Kartunis Antarabangsa (CRNI) telah melancarkan kempen bagi menyokong kartunis politik Zunar, yang kini menghadapi tekanan baru oleh kerajaan Malaysia di bawah ...

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Dato’ Nazak & Antu Tuya

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Bila BIK Mama Pakai Celana

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Oppose Penang Style

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