To Fight Through Cartoon – Zunar vs The Malaysian Government


zunar in police costudyName: Zunar (Malaysian Political Cartoonist)
Real name: Zulkiflee  SM Anwar Ulhaque


  1. How Can I be Neutral, Even My Pen Has a Stand
  2. Why Pinch When You Can Punch?
  3. If you cant beat them, laugh at them!
  4. As the regime sharpens their iron fists, my pen gets sharper!

* ZUNAR uses his drawing pen as a weapon to fight state corruption and abuse of power. Through his cartoons, he exposes unsolved murder of a Mongolian woman, the political conspiracy against Opposition-Leader Anwar Ibrahim, the domineering wife of the present Prime Minister, and the shady Scorpene submarine deals and purchasing. Recently he initiated the “Cartoonists Against Electoral Fraud (CAEF)”, a movement to protest against election fraud in Malaysia.

* In August 2009, eight officers from the Home Minister raided his office in Kuala Lumpur after the launching of his political comic magazine, Gedung Kartun. They also confiscated more than 400 copies of the magazine, and subsequently banned it. Zunar was called for investigation under the “Printing and Presses Act.”

* On the next day, the officers also raided the printer that printed Gedung Kartun, and warned them not to print Zunar’s books in the future or risk losing their license.

* The authorities started a crackdown on the vendors and bookshops throughout the country and threatened them no to sell Zunar’s books or face court action.

* On June 2010, the government announce the banning of six of Zunar’s books and magazines on the grounds that the contents are “detrimental to public order” and can “influence the people to revolt against the leaders and government policies”.

  1. “1 Funny Malaysia”
  2. “Perak Darul Kartun”
  3. “Isu Dalam Kartun vol 1”
  4. “Isu Dalam Kartun vol 2”
  5. “Isu Dalam Kartun vol 3”

* July 2010, Zunar filed a suit against the Malaysian government to challenge the banning of his books. However, on July 2011 the High court upheld the banning.

* Zunar continued the fight and filed an appeal, and the Appellate Court has set July 15, 2013 to hear the case.

* The continued banning and raiding had triggered Zunar to come up with a new book with a provocative title, “Cartoon-O-Phobia”, a satirical jab to the government that fears cartoons.

* On September 2010, several hours before the launching of the book, ten police officers raided his office and arrested him under The Sedition Act. They also confiscated 66 copies of the book and an original drawing that depicted the Prime Minister and his wife.

* At the same time, another team of police officers raided two printing companies in relation to the printing of “Cartoon-O-Phobia”. Printing plates were confiscated and they were given a stern warning.

* Zunar was brought to seven police lock-ups before they finally detained him at the KLIA police lock-up. Next morning the police raided the publisher, Kinibook. Zunar was released later in the afternoon by court order.

* On June 2011 Zunar filed a civil suit against the police and government for unlawful arrest and detention. On July 2012 The High Court ruled that the arrest and detention of Zunar by the police was lawful.

He continues the fight  by filing an appeal to the Court of Appeals.

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