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"My art is often labelled seditious by the local government. I have been drawing cartoons for more than 20 years now. I have been arrested, my office has been raided, my art destroyed & confiscated by local authorities and my team has been harassed - all in my art pursuit. As a contributor, you are not only allowing me to continue drawing cartoons, but you are also helping in the efficiency of my operations."


- Zunar Cartoonist

Daily Artwork

Daily Political Cartoon


Fresh political cartoons posted daily. Have a fine laughter and share my love to the world.

WEB Cartoonkini PERAH 26 Feb 2021 (Custom)
WEB Cartoonkini I SEDUT 26 Feb 2021 (Custom)
WEB Cartoonkini ATAS UNDANG2 14 Feb 2021 (Custom)
Masalahnya, ada orang di atas undang2!
WEB Cartoonkini PM VAKSIN 25 Feb 2021 (Custom)
Apabila PM ambil Vaksin!!!
Cartoonkini KAPAL KARAM 24 Feb 2021
Karam. karam, karam!
WEB Cartoonkini SETAHUN KHIANAT 23 Feb 2021 (Custom)
Sempena Setahun Pengundi Dikhianati!
WEB Cartoonkini DEWAN 23 Feb 2021 (Custom)
Budak sekolah berani masuk dewan, PM?
WEB Cartoonkini WEAK BRAIN 21 Feb 2021 (Custom)

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Latest News & Updates

Latest News & Updates

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