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Fight Through Cartoons. My story of harassment, intimidation and jail – Zunar. (English)


In this book Zunar tells his stories of harassment and intimidation that he has faced as a political cartoonist in Malaysia, covering the period between August 2009 – 9 May 2018. He details about the banning of his books, the arrests, office raids, the travel ban, the 9 sedition charges and the harassment against the printers and book stores. In 257 pages full of text supported by images and cartoons, Zunar also exposes the strategies he used to overcome all the hardship by using laughter and humor. He also explains the methods that he used in making complicated issues into simple ones. Zunar also outlines the philosophy that made him refuse to stop fighting through cartoons even after being slapped with 9 sedition charges, that carry more that 20 years jail term as punishment.

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This book chronicles Zunar’s fight through cartoons from 2009 to 2018. Peppered within the pages of this book are some of Zunar’s timeless philosophies on cartooning, which have kept him going despite the odds stacked against him – arrests, court charges, banning of books, travel ban.

In this book, Zunar also sheds light on the methodological approach he utilises in his cartoons to effectively deliver his messages. From the conception of a cartoon right down to inking it, Zunar bares what goes on his mind when he draws these cartoons.

From being labelled controversial to becoming an award winning cartoonist, this is Zunar’s fight through cartoons in his own words.

Zunar is a political cartoonist from Malaysia, who has been drawing editorial cartoons for over 30 years. With his slogan, “How Can I be Neutral, Even My Pen Has a Stand”, he exposes corruption and abuse of power committed by the government of Malaysia through his art.

Zunar has been arrested and detained for drawing cartoons that challenged official views. His books have been banned by the Malaysian government and his office raided by law enforcement officers. The factories that printed his books have also been raided and vendors throughout the country were often warned not to sell his books.

In 2015, Zunar was selected by Amnesty International as the first Malaysian for their biggest annual international campaign, ‘Write for Rights (#W4R) 2015′. His various international awards received over the years include the Cartooning For Peace Award 2016 (Geneva) and the International Press Freedom Award 2015 (New York).

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