In any democratic country, political satire has always been an important part of the democratic process.

Satirical works, be it cartoons, theatrical or video play an important role to channel dissent, to educate readers and to provide alternative information.

For instance, hundreds of American political cartoonists lampoon Obama on daily basis, but their role is recognised — some even received Presidential Medal of Freedom Awards from the White House.

The only reason that Putrajaya fears satirical work is because BN government is a minority government. The government who managed to get only 47% popular votes, ultimately stricken with inferiority complex and led by inept leaders.

Teresa Kok’s video was not so funny, but the government’s reaction towards the video made me laugh!

That said, the government’s inferiority complex is not an excuse to victimise the rakyat. Thus, I urge the government to drop all sort of nonsense against Teresa and learn to laugh at themselves, or otherwise face the decline of the popular vote to be beyond 47%.


The writer is a political cartoonist who was arrested and detained under The Sedition Act for drawing cartoons. Seven of his books are banned by the Malaysian government.

Zunar is the recipient of the “Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award 2011” by the Cartoonists Rights Network International