An illustration of Zunar at a D.C. eatery in 2015. (Michael Cavna/The Washington Post)

ON WORLD PRESS Freedom Day, it is vital to remember that political cartoonists remain on the front lines of the fight.

If you value media freedom, you might pause to reflect on the plight of Musa Kart, who has been jailed in Turkey since last Halloween. Kart’s battles with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan stretch back more than a decade, but events escalated from courtroom wrangling to direct home raids last fall: Karr and 10 of his fellow Cumhuriyet staffers were rounded up amid Erdogan’s larger crackdown that has affected tens of thousands of Turkish citizens. Kart went uncharged until last month; he now faces decades in prison on political allegations that rights workers say are without merit..(continue link below)

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