Author: Zunar

Cartoon Movement

Cartoonists Against Electoral Fraud Well-known Malaysian cartoonist (and Cartoon Movement member) Zunar has set up a movement called Cartoonists Against Election Fraud (CAEF) Malaysia, to protest against alleged fraud in the recent general elections in Malaysia: Read full article here

The Launching of “Cartoonists Against Election Fraud (CAEF), Pelancaran gerakan Kartunis Lawan Penipuan Pilihanraya

The Launching of “Cartoonists Against Election Fraud (CAEF) Malaysia” Movement In any democratic country, fair elections is fundamental. The Barisan Nasional ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Najib Razak has won the General Elections held in Malaysia on May 5th from by fraudulent methods. This blatant cheating is reinforced by the fact that the opposition coalition Pakatan

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