ZUNAR: The announcement of my latest cartoon book, “the Conspiracy to Imprison Anwar – Najib Convicts, Judges follow the Script”. I hereby announce the publication of my new cartoon book “the Conspiracy to Imprison Anwar – Najib Convicts, Judges follow the Script” which exposes the dirty plot against Anwar Ibrahim will be out soon.

The 52 page cartoon book consists of 50 cartoons with texts and facts on the dirty conspiracy and slander orchestrated by the BN government and its leaders with the intention to imprison Datuk Seri Anwar.

It is published in both Malay and English language. The cartoon book will be sold at only RM10 to make it affordable for everyone so that the facts and messages contained in it can be easily disseminated.

Through this cartoon book, I expose the roles played by the political leaders, judges and people who act as victims in the devious plot. Those actors just follow the script to defame and persecute Anwar to ensure that they remain in power. The allegation of sodomy is the main crux of the dirty plot.

Every cartoon comes a text that explains the facts in chronological order of the conspiracy from Mahathir to Najib era.

I would like to emphasize that all these espisods are not about Anwar as an individu. Anwar is a victim of injustice orchestrated by those in power. In executing the script of the dirty conspiracy, those in power have used the judiciary, the police force, the Attorney General’s Chambers, the religious institutions and other institutions to their advantage which results in the erosion of independence of these institutions.

My 20th cartoon book provides the facts that will enable the Malaysian public to understand the extent of injustice perpetrated by those in power. I call on everyone to stand up and take a stand to fight this grave injustice in their own way. The cartoon book is not published for profits. It is my responsibility as a human being and a cartoonist to convey the truth by using cartoons as the medium that is proven to be effective. This God-given talent is not a gift but a responsibility. I’m obligated to use my art work to convey to the Malaysian public the facts that are deliberately suppressed by the government.

21st May 2014