Six world’s renown and award-winning cartoonists have expressed their support for Zunar.

They are:

* Patrick Chappatte, editorial cartoonist for The New York Times & Le Temps

* Jeff Danziger, editorial cartoonist for The Washington Post

* Liza Donnelly, editorial cartoonist for the New Yorker & CBS News

* Ann Telnaes, editorial cartoonist for The Washington Post

* Nicolas Vadot, editorial cartoonist for Le Vif/L’Express & L’Echo (Belgium)

* Robert Russell, executive director of the Cartoonist Rights Network International (CRNI)

In the joint statement which was read on Thursday night (8th Dec 2016) at the opening of the Society of Illustrators in New York, among others they urged the Malaysian government to end the continued harassment and to lift the travel ban on Zunar immediately.