COURT UPDATE: High Court fixed October 13th 2017 as a new date to hear Zunar’s travel ban

25th Sept 2017: The Kuala Lumpur High Court in Malaysia today fixed another date, October 13th 2017 to hear Zunar’s challenge to overseas travel ban that has been imposed on him since June 2016. On 7th Dec 2016, Zunar filed the challenge and named the Immigration Director-General, Home Minister and the government as respondents.

He is seeking a certiorari order to quash the travel restriction by the respondents, which was informed to him orally at KLIA airport in October 2016. The order seeks to review that the travel ban violates the Article 5 (1), Article 8 and/or Article 9 of the Federal Constitution, therefore to declare that the ban is null, void and unconstitutional.