The Government of Malaysia is now introducing Fake News Law

THE government uses main stream medias to hide the truths including corruptions. The “one-sided and bias reporting” style, making people lose faith in main stream medias. People turn to internet and social medias as alternatives. As the corruptions grow bigger, more people abandon the mainstream medias and start to subscribe to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogs where they can find credible information.

As an example, in the 1MDB scandal, Prime Minister Najib says he did nothing wrong. On the contrary, there are abundant of reports via internet on how the American DOJ had seized properties worth billions of dollars that are related to 1MDB, as well as the Indonesian and Swiss authorities.  PM Najib is running scared that more exposures will affect his ‘already shaken’ position in the upcoming General Election. He had to introduce another draconian law to survive. The Fake News Law is a new weapon to cover up corruptions.

Political Cartoonist
26 Mac 2018