How does one keep his sense of humour in the face of 9 sedition charges? Come see for yourself as Zunar invites us to laugh with him.

Malaysian political cartoonist Zunar’s works are not allowed in newspapers. The government tried to ban his books of cartoons, but thankfully the Federal Court unbanned the books because there was “insufficient evidence of public disorder” caused by the cartoons. However, he is still facing 9 sedition charges for 9 tweets he made last year. If found guilty, he could be spending a lifetime in jail.

Zunar has been invited around the world to give a talk about about his fight through cartoons. This is the talk that he will be sharing with us. He tells us why his talent is not a gift but a responsibility, and why laughter is the best form of protest.

“It is very effective, to laugh at them. And if more and more people take part and laugh at the government their ability goes. Because if people don’t respect you they laugh at you.”

This talk is part of ART FOR GRABS: Have a balloon! in collaboration with Amnesty International Malaysia, Lawyers for Liberty and Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM). 2 & 3 April, The School, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. Click here for more info: