Zunar has unofficially announced his upcoming book titled “Fight Through Cartoons” My story of harassment, intimidation and jail – Zunar. The book is scheduled to be available in stores by the second week of May 2019.

In this book Zunar tells his stories of harassment and intimidation that he has faced as a political cartoonist in Malaysia, covering the period between August 2009 – 9 May 2018. He details about the banning of his books, the arrests, office raids, the travel ban, the 9 sedition charges and the harassment against the printers and book stores. In 257 pages full of text supported by images and cartoons, Zunar also exposes the strategies he used to overcome all the hardship by using laughter and humor. He also explains the methods that he used in making complicated issues into simple ones. Zunar also outlines the philosophy that made him refuse to stop fighting through cartoons even after being slapped with 9 sedition charges, that carry more that 20 years jail term as punishment.

Who should read Fight Through Cartoons?

The book is targeted to the following group of demographics (but not limited to):

  1. Cartoonists / Artists
  2. Activists
  3. Historians
  4. Academicians
  5. Politicians
  6. Lawyers
  7. Students
  8. Media practitioners
  9. Marketeers
  10. Social Media Analysts

Why you should read Fight Through Cartoons?

  1. More than skills, one requires tenacity and the courage. Fight Through Cartoons is a book about a cartoonist who uses cartoons to fight a corrupt government. It’s a must read for every creative individual who wishes to use his or her talent for activism.
  2. In the span of 10 years, Zunar has also crafted several philosophies which not only can be applied in cartooning along, but also in your everyday life. In a way, this can be considered a self help book for those looking for a reason to bounce back in life.
  3. How do you market your products, services and even yourself when the government itself ensures you don’t do it? This book shows some of the ingenious marketing tactics that Zunar employed to keep himself in the game despite heavy government clampdown.
  4. For lovers of history, this book is a must have memento of a time when Malaysia was at its darkest hour and yet it managed to claw itself out thanks to numerous people such as Zunar who made it possible.
  5. If you’re a politician, here’s why you should buy this book to read. Hint: Be a good leader. Otherwise you’ll be turned into a cartoon.

You can pre-order the book from Zunar’s Online Shop here.